Strenthening Families™ is a framework developed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) over the last decade to prevent child abuse and neglect. This approach helps child welfare systems, early education and other programs work with parents to build the following protective factors:

· Parental resilience

· Social connections

· Concrete support in times of need

· Knowledge of parenting and child development

· Social and emotional competence of children

To embed these protective factors into existing programs and systems, CSSP  works with national organizations, states and federal partners. The protective factors are informed by evidence from rigorous research and have widespread support from social researchers, child welfare officials, early childhood practitioners and policy experts.

Since 2007, more than 30 states have adopted the Strengthening Families approach into their work with children and families.

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To read a comprehensive literature review on the protective factors and how they can be incorporated into your programs, click here.

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To read additional literature, Strengthening Families through Early Care and Education (How Programs Use Protective Factors), click here.

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